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About Us

Hi friend! This is us. Like, the whole company (though we have MANY supportive volunteering friends and family without whom this would never have been possible). Kris (right) came up with the concept years ago before becoming a dad. While watching his brother dig for a diaper at a rest stop, Kris thought pragmatically, "Why aren't there kits to make this easier? And what do you do if you run out of diapers?" Good question Kris. The answer wasn't a pretty one until now.

We researched for years to find the right materials, ingredients, partners, and packaging before we launched. We believe a business should have honesty and integrity. We goof up sometimes, but we own it. We learn from it. And we make our products better because of it. 

We also believe in the Golden Rule. Showing kindness toward others through grace, patience, and acceptance. Showing kindness to the planet that provides us the resources by reducing our carbon footprint and using sustainable or recycled materials. Having empathy for those in need by widening our giving capabilities. Check out our social commitment page for more details on our reforestation partnership and facts on diaper need.

We believe in what we sell and we are excited to share it with you. This was fun! Which is the final element--we have a lot of fun doing this. I never thought my dream would be a diaper kit company, but I'm having a blast. Thanks for stopping by. We should do this again soon.